Power up your customer service

  • Stay wherever your customers are

    Keep in touch with your customers and potential customers on all channels including Wechat, QQ etc.,reach out and talk to them proactively to grasp any opportunity to serve their needs

  • Establish stable relationship

    Unique social connect with QQ and Wechat help corporations establish stable relationship with customers, communicate with visitors and convert more leads

  • Keep prospective customers

    AI bots automatically identify customer's intentions and pinpoint high-willingness customers to improve service accuracy

  • Personalized content

    Discover customer needs, guide customers' purchase choice through personalized content recommendations

  • Intelligent chat bot

    Powered by Tencent AI, our easy-to-deploy bots identify the intent and engage with customers to resolve issues faster

  • Efficient ticket forms

    Flexible route configuration can assign the right ticket to the right agent. SLA raises processing efficiency

  • Customer database pinpoint demand

    Effectively store customer information and protect enterprise data assets. Facilitate to reach out high-willingness customers and increase repurchase rate

  • Intelligent quality inspection

    Make quantitative analyze on KPI,help enterprise improve service quality and form positive growth

Cost reduced by 23%

While achieving customer satisfaction, we balance service efficiency and cost. With Qidian, the service cost per customer has reduced by 23% which gives us a long-term success.

Mrs. Xiaohong Wang
EPSON | Call center manager

Reception increased by 21%

The traditional telephone reception capacity no longer meets our needs. Using Qidian, customer service reception rate increased from 9% to 30%, enriching the form of communi-cation and improving efficiency.

Cigna & CMB | PM of Intelligent Customer Service